Beginner Level 2
I bought watch in September 2018 From first charge of the watch, I got 2 days use out of it. I haven't done much, added a few watch faces. After that consistently I am getting about 1 day and few hours only. I have manual sync turned on, I don't use the workout features except for those which are auto detected (mostly steps tracking), the auto sleep tracker (WITH night mode on) and heart rate monitor (frequency set to 10 mins). I am connect to my Samsung Note 8 via blue tooth ALWAYS, Wifi is on auto mode, screen brightness set to 5, Wrist and bazel wake up ON, Auto brightness ON. AOD is ON. I get 3 notifications to my watch (calls, messages and mails), about 10 calls per day and i use phone to answer that NOT watch, approximately 15 mails per day again read them on phone only.
Model code of Watch: SM-R800
Software Version:R800XXU1BRH3
Version : Bluetooth ONLY
Model of device Watch is connected to: NOTE 8