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NEW 46mm Galaxy Watch battery drain FAST & heating while charging - updated info

(Topic created on: 10-10-2018 09:34 AM)
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(Update 10-10-2018) This is my second post & i have done some changes in my settings after watching some YouTube videos...I bought watch in September 2018 From first charge of the watch, I got 2 days use out of it. I haven't done much, added a few watch faces.
I have manual sync turned on,
I don't use the workout features except for those which are auto detected (mostly steps tracking),
I use NIGHT MODE during sleep for about 7-8 hours,
and heart rate monitor (now set to NEVER).
I connect to my Samsung Note 8 via blue tooth just for syncing the watch with S-health app on my mobile then i switch off the Bluetooth immediately so using blue tooth for 5 mi-10 minutes in a day,
Wifi is off, screen brightness set to 5,
Wrist wake up ON,
Auto brightness ON.
AOD is ON with just hour and minute hands showing while on AOD and rest of the screen is black.
I get only watch induced notification NO mobile notification as blue tooth is off.
Location is OFF
After sacrificing so much i am able to get just two days & few hours of the juice. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

MOREOVER: Just realized yesterday (09-10-2018) that my watch is always really hot when i take it off the charging cradle, initially i was thinking that heating during the charging is normal. I realize it when i took my wife's 42 mm version from the charging cradle it was at room temperature i asked her she said it always at normal temperature while changing & it was a news for me.
Is the battery of my 46 mm faulty. I am using the charger provided in the box. There is no warning of overheating on the watch, while wearing it is never hot. So it is only while charging and i think this might reduce the battery performance in short span of time.
Is anyone facing same problem.

I am confused that If i give it on repairs and they disassemble it to check, will the water proof durability still be intact, as i intend to use it for swimming in the future.

Model code of Watch: SM-R800
Software Version:R800XXU1BRH3
Version : Bluetooth ONLY