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My lovely companion_Galaxy Buds Live

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Dear Members, I hope everyone is safe😷


It's been almost 2 months since I bought the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live(Mystic Bronze), and I think that's a fair enough duration for a review. I was really doubtful about the fit of the device as it had an unconventional design. To my surprise, the fit was excellent, and the device looks stunning in my ears. I have small ears and the small wingtips were the best choice. I felt slight pain during the first few days of usage and I haven't faced any discomfort afterward. 

Screenshot 2021-02-25 215409.jpg


The Galaxy Buds live comes with a 12mm driver tuned by AKG which outputs a punchy bass and crystal clear mids and lows. The device performs well during telephone calls and provides both parties with excellent quality sound, thanks to the 2 mics and voice pickup unit. ANC will block the surrounding low-frequency sounds and will let in the higher frequency one. This will help to listen to the conversation even while wearing the buds(that's what I like the most as I can listen to music with low volume, talk to my colleagues, and can get rid of the humming sound of A/C which is right above my head)



Screenshot 2021-02-25 211519.jpg


You can pair the Buds Live with multiple devices and can switch the connection instantaneously. I have connected it to 5 of my devices and switching them between devices is easy as I just need to open the Samsung wearable app and the buds will connect automatically.


When paired with my Galaxy Note 20, I can hear the audio from other Samsung devices without unpairing the buds(While buds are connected to Note20, I can listen to music from my Note 9 through my buds). This feature is called music share and very useful if you have a separate device for work and personal use.


The next important factor I like in the buds live is the battery backup, I have watched up to 6 hours of YouTube with ANC turned off and still, there was some juice left in the buds. The device can last up to 21 hours per charge, ie, 6 hours of playback with the buds, in my case, I will charge the device every second day. The buds can charge up so fast that, you can charge it on the go, and 5 minutes of charge = 1 hour of playback. The device supports wireless charging and I can make use of my Galaxy Note 20 Ultras power share feature to charge it up if I am away from a charger.


The device comes with Bluetooth 5.0(LE) and supports HFP, A2DP, AVRCP profiles. It uses multiple codecs like SBC, AAC, Scalable (Samsung proprietary)for stable connection and data transfer. Scalable Codec is Samsung’s proprietary codec which offers users a stable Bluetooth Connection, even over ambient Wi-Fi Interference. Scalable Codec also supports UHQ(24bit&96Hz) Audio streaming over Bluetooth on Samsung Mobiles supporting Android 7.0 and above in stable wireless connection conditions.


There are a lot more to say about my buds, but the post will be so long if I do so,

What do you like the most about your buds? Let me know in the comments.

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Thanks for sharing Ambassador! It seems like you found the perfect wireless earphone to go with your Galaxy device!

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