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Galaxy watches, think many times before buying!

(Topic created on: 05-02-2021 08:25 PM)
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I guess from the gazillion of watches sold, there are for sure a couple that are defective. The big problem is that if you are the unlucky "winner" of such product, you can say goodbye to having it fixed or repaired. As an example, i bought an Active 2, as they say IP68 (can be imersed up to 3 meters), but guess what! After less than one year, of using it in exclusively in clean water in the pool no deeper than 1m, it got damaged. The service says that water inside does not cover the warranty! Made complaint to Samsung, and they say the same. They're accusing me of not using it properly instead of accepting that maybe their product has a defective sealing. They're asking more money for repair than the price i payed in the first place. Anyway, my advice for customers: if you want a watch for swimming, STAY AWAY of Samsung! I lost $250, but they lost a customer that's was buying $5000+ Samsung products yearly. After 25 years of believing in the impecable Samsung products, i got one defective that showed their real ugly face. I'll renew all my products with other brands.
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i have the gear s2 upon its release. it only lasted after a year. i promised my self not to buy any electronic watch anymore and just use a normal one. i bought 3 branded watches since then but here i am discarding them in my drawer and now using the watch 3.. their will always be features of it that would bring you to buy the latest models.
Same Thing happened to me but after a long argument they repaired my watch active 2 free of cost. And the funny thing was that i am not a swimmer and the puerest water is rain water and in my memory i used only one or two times in the rain. But tge service people claims that i used the watch in salt water means i swim in sea. 😜