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Galaxy watch Active2

(Topic created on: 09-20-2022 02:29 PM)
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I have been loving every moment with my watch for over a year. I now have an issue and its out of warranty. Just recently it decided to stop charging. I place the watch on the charger, the screen lights up showing 0% charging, then the screen goes off and thats it. The watch does not completely charge, it pretty much dies and switches off on the charger. I've tried rebooting whilst it shows 0% but then the watch dies or switches off whilst trying to reboot... what could be the problem? 
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Well, Vitz03... Sounds like you need to schedule a visit to your nearest Samsung-approved repair shop and ask them to assess your beloved Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2's battery or perhaps the charger/charging cable too (always good to make sure you've covered all angles). Now the technician at your nearest Samsung-Approved repair shop will basically give you an idea of how much you will have to shell out for you to either repair you smartwatch or get a new one. Then, you go to your nearest bank branch where you keep you money and shell out the required amount of cash required to either fix your beloved smartwatch, or get you a well-deserved upgrade to the latest and the greatest smartwatch from Samsung that you can afford.
Wishing all the best.

Good luck!!