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Galaxy Watch4: The watch that knows you best

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Most of us would like to know our bodies better, so we can be at our best. Galaxy Watch4 is the watch that knows you best, helps track your health and wellness goals, jumpstart new routines.

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Galaxy Watch4

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I am having a very poor experience in Middle East with Samsung mobile devices. I have moved from Apple ecosystem for about 6 years and moved to Samsung. I bought many products for me and my family but always there is a huge lack of support in the region for these devices. Lately I bought the Samsung Galaxy 4 classic LTE and this is what I am experiencing:

1. No LTE support with Vodafone and Ooredoo

2. No blood pressure measuring support

3. No ECG support

4. No e-pay support via NFC

5. No Samsung Health Monitoring app available

6. No country option for Samsung Galaxy Store available for Qatar (only UAE)

7. All samsung username/ password coming only in Arabic (no English option) and the list can go on and on.

Now I bought the latest wearable and I can only use it as a **bleep** outdated watch because all cool features are not working.

Also I have a Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra just because there is no Note newer flagship anymore but it is definetly not replacing the Note in any way. The foldables also are not addressing my segment. I really hope Note will come back into production because none of the rest is filling its space.
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True, main problem with Samsung is that there experience is not universal.

Hence I also stopped using Samsung Watch.

Samsung is focusing on other regional markets and least focus on Middle East.
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No ECG and BP Monitor support in Kuwait.... Pathetic....
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Huawei watch GT pro is amazing. Battery life is awesome and style.
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@samsung don't take the Nokia route. Open up and share technologies and embrace partnerships, this will bring you more people who are currently using low cost or cheaper devices.