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Galaxy Watch: None of the sensors working post latest software update

(Topic created on: 05-04-2021 10:33 PM)
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No health features working after the last software/firmware update, none of the sensors including pedometer, heart rate monitor, wake-up gesture, none of them working, there's no use of the galaxy watch if none of these sensors are working, these are the basic capabilities it is expected to cater to.

Can somebody from samsung can look in to this and provide a fix asap ?

I am and many of my friends with the galaxy watch facing the similar issue are annoyed with this behavior/performance of the watch and are considering options of abandoning the same to other premium wear os watches.. we have been loyal sasmsung watch users through gear s2, s3, and no galaxy watch..

Decided not to upgrade to watch 3, because of it's weak battery and this is what happens to our well running watches.

On reboot, reset from phone/ watch directly multiple times, the sensors would start working and would continue to only for say about 24 hours give or take and stop working again, this happened more than thrice now and has stopped working again.

No luck with reboot, recovery, reset processes etc.

Kindly requesting you to help with this, please confirm if there should be any hope or expectation that this problem will be resolved or we should move on, out of samsung wearables?

Please Contact customer care they will help you with this. Or Service center will help. It's a software issue.

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