Active Level 6
The software on this thing is so horrible and substandardly tested. 

- there is a battery charge leak overnight

- hear rate sensor is not reliable, you have to restart watch, disable certain workout modes detection and then it works again...for some time. 

- watch screen is not responsive at times. Pulling down quick controls is a chore. 

This adds to my dissatisfaction with absolutely horrible finger print reader on my Note 10 Plus. It is a joke, worse 10 times than Huawei and  OnePlus sensors, both built-in under the screen. 

Wanted to try Galaxy fold and staying away. Falling off branding  letters, again issues with the screen and etc. Why release this half baked product?

Though, if we look at the watch active2 and the Note 10, the former is a pinnacle of half baked software and the latter is victim of poorly implemented finger print reader (and they removed iris scanner, lol).

This all goes so finely well along with Samsing profits falling almost a half during the last quarter of 2019, that it makes me wonder what Samsung would do if Huawei had not been out of the game by the sanctions.  

It is, perhaps, time for me to go back to Apple this time after 5 years with Samsung. Would have otherwise switch to Huawei. 

Samsung lost concentration and attention to quality.