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Galaxy Watch 4 Classic stopped working with a slight bit of water

(Topic created on: 09-24-2022 07:54 AM)
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I am writing this with some disappointment, with my new galaxy watch 4 classic which stopped working few days back. I have used it very neatly and safely even though I faced this. The reason for the issue is a joke which I believe at least and I want to share it with you. As you know our new galaxy watch supports swimming, skuba diving etc. Like water activities which I don't dare to do. But I was compelled to use some wet cloth to clean my watch as long use left some sweat on the corners of the watch. Suddenly after I clean (actually rubbed with wet cloth after switching o. Water lock option) the display start to blink and in no time the watch started to do activities it's own without responding to my touch. And automatically the water lock got deactivated and some activities got started by its own then after few minutes it went off.

Now I tried to service it from a Samsung authorized service center in UAE but they are not ready to accept it. (Reason is I bought it from Noon and they provided me a different region watch).

I don't know actually what to do. This is my second galaxy watch and for last 10 years I am using a lot of Samsung products . Now even I am typing this in my Samsung galaxy S20 which is connected to Samsung buds 2

Hope I get replacement for my watch

Take care of using the watch in water .