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Galaxy Buds+ undiscoverable

(Topic created on: 11-27-2021 06:37 AM)
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Hello, I recently bought a samsung A22 and I am trying to connect my buds+ to them but they don't seem to be discoverable. 

I was able to connect my samsung short watch, but I seem to have trouble with my buds. The buds are charged, I have tried taking on them for seven seconds while they are in the case. I have tried tattooing on them while they have been in my ears but with no luck.

 I have tried to restart my wearable app and even my phone with no luck. I have also tried to see if they are searchable through the Bluetooth scan and unable to find them. I have tried connecting them to a laptop and they seem to be undiscoevrable.

 It took me two seconds to connect my generic Bluetooth headset device but I am unable to do the same for my galaxy buds + Not sure what is left to try from my end.
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Reset ur samsung buds plus and try again