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 I have been using the Buds + for about two weeks now. Initially, the buds were such a gem had perfect sound delivery and call clarity.


A few days after, around 4- 5 days down the line the calls started sounding analogue like/ Robotic. A few things that I noted by trying to listen at the other end of the call (ie; hearing a person speak through the buds) is that now the buds take in more sound from the surrounding and it seems as if the noise cancellation won't work during calls. In addition, the ambient sound during calls even though turned on in the settings via the app would not feed in the surrounding sound into my ears ( again during a call only).  

The puzzling thing is that the buds worked just fine during the initial days but calls became such a pain after. Tried everything I could even resetting the buds and the phone all to find it at the same worse condition.

Can't even visit the service centres now cause of the situation, so sitting tight hoping for an update. Hope we get past through this tough time.

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Community Manager

Hey there,

We are sorry to hear that but we advise visit the nearest service center for them to be checked by our team. 


Thank you

Thank you