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I pen this feedback after using Galaxy Buds Plus for over 3 weeks.

What's good :
1. Clear voice on Microsoft Teams and Skype calls
2. Super sharp ear fitment 
3. Compact case 
4. Widgets and Galaxy Wearable app

What needs an improvement :
1. Lacks bass heavily. Only when you pump up the volume upto 80%+ you start to feel some thump 
2. Auto detection after opening the case is slow on the phone
3. Muti device connectivity - It already has Bluetooth 5.0, why not enabled? Effectively switching between laptop and phone is a time consuming exercise
4. Laptop connection - It is plain flat. With no support from Galaxy Werable app it is practically limb. Other than taking calls, honestly there is nothing much you can do with it. So while working you want to listen to songs, go grab another pair of headsets 
5. Ambient sounds - They sound too artificial. I have turned them off after trying multiple options 
6. Distance coverage - Very poor, should you move away from the room where connected device is connection drops very quickly. I have another pair of Anker neckband and they give me coverage in entire 2BHK. These barely work outside the same room. 

So in all, I will say go for a neckband or good overear headphones in the same price range depending upon your preference. 

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have u noticed the drop in the case battery ?
even when the buds are fully charged
i have to charge the buds every 2 days
Right. This is something I have observed when connected with mobile. With laptop connection it is all fine. Wonder why +