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GW5 pro - Pre-order issue

(Topic created on: 08-30-2022 11:43 PM)
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Hello, did anyone pre ordered galaxy watch 5 pro from Samsung online store? If yes, did you manage to get it?

I've ordered mine on 10th of August and till today it shows under process! Samsung customer service are clueless about my order as they tried to reconfirm, many times, the order number! It seems it's not showing on their system despite the full amount was deducted for my bank account. 

Their answer is simply a BOT answer: "Please wait for the SMS confirmation and tracking from Samsung". Other than that, they don't have any answer nor specific shipping date. 

The watch is already available now on Amazon and all shops in UAE and still Samsung can't ship my pre-ordered watch. 

What's wrong with you Samsung? Shame on you!