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Earbuds allergic reaction

(Topic created on: 05-20-2021 12:15 PM)
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I've been using earphones for years without any trouble. I recently bought Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and after a few uses developed an allergic reaction towards it. Unbearable itching within a few minutes of use. Also some fluid coming out of my ears and swelling. After a few days the inside starts flaking (probably from healing) and if you wear them again the whole cycle starts over. I've tried all sorts of creams and different methods of cleaning and antihestamines, nothing calms it down. Also tried the smaller tips, nothing helps. Huge bummer as I spent a fortune on them. As if that's not bad enough, now I can't wear any form of earphones without getting a reaction. So annoying as I used to wear earphones daily. Seriously bugs me! 

Tried contacting Samsung regarding this issue, they promised to phone me back, haven't heard from them yet.

Has anyone else maybe experienced a similar reaction towards the new Buds?

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Hi SarieGenis95

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will do our best to resolve this matter. 

In order to resolve your query and escalate it accordingly, please send us an email  to with this query copied on it. Please also include the following details: 

*Full Names

*Contact number

*Model and serial number of the buds

* Proof of Purchase

*Picture of the buds, case, serial number

* Picture of the ear injury or any medical reports. 


Please let me know which email address you will be using to send these so I can alert the relevant department?