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Call quality very poor

(Topic created on: 05-13-2024 12:32 PM)
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I moved from IOS to Android last month. The Samsung buds pro 2 have a very very poor quality for call. The receiver can hear a lot of disturbance and noise and there is no noise cancellation that really happens even after the feature is on. The noise cancellation is only for the one that wears. 

Kindly give me a solution at the earliest, to ensure the receiver does not hear a lot of disturbance and noise cancellation works on their end too.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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You might need to contact Samsung support from the support tab of the members app.
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Adjust Settings: In the Galaxy Wearable app, try adjusting the equalizer settings to optimize sound for calls. You can also experiment with the Ambient Sound settings to see if it helps reduce background noise.Reset Buds: Sometimes a simple reset can resolve issues. Try resetting your Buds Pro 2 and reconnecting them to your device.1715164686545.jpg
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To enable Active noise canceling on the Buds themselves, simply touch and hold one of the earbuds while you're wearing both of them. You will hear a beep, indicating that Active noise canceling has been turned on. To turn it off, touch and hold one of the earbuds again. You’ll hear a different sound when Active noise canceling is disabled.

To turn on Active noise canceling from the Galaxy Wearable app :
To turn on the feature with your Galaxy Buds2 Pro, first insert both earbuds into your ears.

- Open the Galaxy Wearable app and then tap Active noise canceling. - You will hear an activation sound when the feature is turned on.

- To turn off the feature, simply tap Off.