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Bugs and Updates in galaxy Watch 4 (wear os)

(Topic created on: 12-11-2021 01:37 PM)
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I have samsung galaxy watch 4 classic working galaxy note 20 ultra 5G..... there is some bugs and bad issues encountered me and i hope that samsung would listen to me and fix these issues in the future updates
First i would like to talk about the bugs that i faced with the watch

1- Whatsapp getting wrong notification..... when i receive new message in whatsapp it show older message that i didn't read yet... i have to return back and open whatsapp notification again to view the new message

2- Sometimes when i receive a call on my phone... i didn't show the caller number (or name) and the answer/end buttons....only shows small button down as if i returns back from the call.... sometime this is happening to the notification also as well as the call

That was some bugs i faced till now.... the following is somethings bad in the watch i hope samsung to fix this in the future 

1- samsung music local in the phone library is not available in the watch (although is was available to navigate through your phone local library in the watch 3 “tizen os”)..... this is nonsense 

2- there is no sound profile sync between the watch and phone... means when i change the watch sounds to silent the phone doesn't not change and vice versa.... at lest make it option like the "don't disturb sync"

3- i don't need to talk about the battery life because every one knows the battery life of the watch **bleep** (the funny thing is that the watch 3 last more than the watch 4... i had the watch 3 and i can tell you that it lasts for 2.5 days... while my current watch 4 could not make it to 1.5 days at least with normal use)

4- the ability to unlock the device through the watch (kinda like apple)... or at least to be exclusive to samsung devices (to make the compatability between samsung devices more better)

I think if samsung fix these bugs and issues in the watch 4.... it will be the best smart watch ever (in my opinion)
Again i hope samsung listen to me and make future updates to tha watch... and sorry for taking long

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