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(Topic created on: 03-09-2021 06:01 PM)
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I got the buds PRO. Everyone experiencing the same problem with the buds falling off the ears? I can't keep them in my ears. They keep falling no matter how i rotate them. Still the best ones are the Buds+. They have the best fixation system ever in a bud. 

Update. Got the latest buds. Disappointment again. Samsung looks like it is making the products worse intead of upgrading them. Same experience with the new Galaxy Watch 4. The battery is not staying with me more than 8 hours even none of the large consumers can be used (in Qatar due to Samsung poor representation, you are not able to use blood pressure monitoring, oxygen saturation, eSIM, NFC payments. - with all activated would probably last 3 hours)

I had the same issue when I used it for the first time. Then I changed the tip to the biggest one that came with the buds and now everything seems perfect. 

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