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Buds Pro Tips Tips

(Topic created on: 08-18-2021 10:50 PM)
So if y'all saw my previous posts, you'll know that I've been going on and on about the buds pro fitting in my ear. Got premium foam tips as well to try to fit in properly but returned it cause it didn't solve the issue.

I used to use the small to medium tips and move sure the buds is tucked in the canal of my ear but everytime I talk aloud or smile wide the tips would fall out. So I put the large ear tips and made sure it just covered my ear and boom the buds won't fall out. The noise cancelling and sound quality is same as the small tips tucked into the canal and now with the large tips it's much more comfortable as well.


The left pic was how I used to use it and the right is now with the large tips. As you can see the mesh grill which used to be on the left side is now down because of this way of using it.

So yeah that's that, hope it help you guys as well
Cool tip 😎 but just try the call sound clarity in the new position, I think with the mesh grill flipped to the other side the microphone will be far from your mouth.
I tried on the sound recording app and no issues as yet.
I'll try that also 🙂