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Buds 2 Pro hurting ears

(Topic created on: 02-11-2024 07:58 PM)
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Hi, I'm using Galaxy Buds 2 Pro since 1 week. I'm planning to return it due to feeling pain within 10 to 15 mins. Galaxy Buds Plus was my previous buds and it was perfect fit and very comfortable for me. But I'm very disappointed at Buds 2 Pro due this uncomfortable design. I hope #samsung with consider this serious issue in the next series. I tried all 3 trips and waited 1 week to get it fit for my ears. But it's a NO.
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When you wear canal-type earphones including Buds Pro for a long time, the humidity increases inside your ears and it may cause skin irritation or contact dermatitis such as inflammation of the outer ear. It can also occur when using other manufacturers’ canal-type products.

If you feel ear pain or skin irritation occurs while using the earbuds, please immediately stop using the device and visit your doctor for consultation.

And we recommend removing earbuds periodically from your ears so that the humidity inside the ears can be lowered when using the device for a long time.
After prolonged wearing Buds Pro please dry your ears and, clean the earbuds and ear tips regularly to prevent any problems.

Samsung has continuously managed the harmfulness of product materials according to internationally restricted substances and substances with controversial hazards. In addition, we are verifying compliance with international environmental regulations with an externally accredited international testing institute.