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I am college guy and to be honest I love to flaunt my collection of Samsung devices. My watch, My buds, my tab and my
phone of course. But the galaxy range offers one a lot more than just to flaunt, it really makes everything go smooth and
convenient. With my Samsung Galaxy Watch, I can take my phone even to those classes in which phones are not allowed.
My physics professor makes us submit our phones on his table before the lecture starts and I have a habit of recording
every lecture I attend, so I activate recording on my watch and then send it to my phone via filesmaster and I am all set with
my class audio notes. Not only this when I get bored in any lecture I simply turn my watch on and start playing videos over it
while listening to the audio through my black buds that no professor can see because I have slightly long hair. So, whether it
is about killing your boredom or capturing something important the galaxy multi-device system is good to go and since this
runs on android, it opens many doorways for experimenting and has less limitations which I have faced in closed OS based
ecosystem.Trust me I have used both and this is far way better.#GalaxyLifeUninterrupted

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samsung wearables are very good

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good post