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The Samsung Ultra Data Savings mode(UDSM) helps you to save Mobile data by allowing only selected applications to consume mobile data in background.


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What if I want data access to some particular apps whom I want to let run in the background? Is there any such option for UDS which enables me allowing the apps to access background data?

Compatibility with Opera Max

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Hello friends! I use Opera Max for making my connection more secure and for not letting third parties know my location and other private details. I want to know if UDS is compatibile with Opera Max as I don't want to lose them both.

Feed RAM

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UDS disables the apps running in the background, taking huge part of Random Access Memory into their wallet, turning the devices slower. UDS frees as much as nearly 10% RAM and lets my device perform better.

Saves Battery

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UDS enables me to charge my device less frequently because it kills the apps running in the background. Guys want to know if there is any harm UDS can make to my device?

Data Saver

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Apps run in background, drain battery and consume huge amount of data as well. With UDS, I'm saving as much data as I can, my service provider adds the remaining of the daily limit to the next day's limit. Isn't it something to be happy for?

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