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Thank you note

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Hi everyoneI would like to thank everyone here for their suggestions and feedbacks and made this experience very positive.The stable version of OneUI 2.0 is here!Regards

front cam raw capture

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Plz add front cam raw support and Samsung should improve theirs image processing algorithms because it **bleep** s9 has amazing camera hardware but it lacks that software that I hope to improve.

clock face

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Hey Samsung,Please bring colored clock face to mobile like active watch has. Present faces looking very bore in flagship phones.

Stable update doesn't mean better software

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If they released the stable update without working on the problems now then it's no use. Same problems will continue in stable update too and feedback for bugs would be neglected for Android 10 .So it's better they fix them first in BETA.

Posted by: immi007
Expert Level 5

S9 plus battery draining Fix

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First of all reset Ur phoneand uninstall all Unused samsung apps and disable bixby...... go to powermode and select medium power saving modeand de select the limit cpu speed to 70% and set screen resolution as hd+select put apps to sleep when imediat...

worst company in software management 😡

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why we not get super steady mode and features like s10. all they features ar based on software not on hardware. that is reason apple is king. you pickup any iphone and realiae that this particular feature is missing because of hardware. 😡

Posted by: deep223
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lag issue

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Hey guys, Recently my phone started hanging a lot...I switched it off and then turned it onThe issue disappearedMany of you might be facing the same. Please try it.