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Volume Button

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Instead of this being on, whenever I change the volume media volume doesn't change it actually changes the ringtone and notification volume.Please rectify this in the next update

Accidential Touch Protection

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This thing has become useless in One UI 3.0The toggle was a charmer before the beta but there are unknown calls placed and text msgs been send to random people from the contact, idk what have they done but this is really annoying, the phone doesn't w...

2nd Beta update

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Thr UI is so much smoother. There are no noticeable frame rate drops. Notification shade feels like a breeze now.Camera green screen has been fixed. My twitter app still crashes in Dark mode no idea why!

Posted by: Saip
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I guess this update is a alpha release

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The samsung india team didn't test properly and made this publicly available, too many bugs, phone lags like crazy, too much stutter in all animations.To improve the performance and make the phone visually sensible please follow the below tips1. Turn...