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suggesuons: sound button should be locked in the notification panel.

(Topic created on: 03-12-2021 04:13 AM)
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1. There is a gap in the security of our phone. Whenever we lock the phone we can still swipe down the notification pannel and mute or vibrate the phone by touch the sound icon in notification panel. Sound button also should be lock as wifi, mobile data and location button don't work. So no one can silent our mobile without our permission. As i had a bad experience of this. My friends hide my mobile and silent it. I was calling on my number but the kept it on silent. Please think about it.

2. Performance is slow in exynos it should bd batter.

3. Volume button can be add in notification pannel as a brightness so that we don't use hard button. Please dond suugest floating button.

4. Please improve camera quality. Its bad after updates.

5. If we edit in live focus photo and save it. Its change it in original photo. I think it should be saved as a new photo and keep the original photo as it is.

6. Game launcher should be more fast. It is too slow.

7. I have save 2 languages in my keyboard hindi and English buy when i write something through english language keyboard its showing the prediction word in hindi.

8. There should be an option to block the connected hotspot devices.