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You’ve tried updating, closing all your apps, and performing that strange key dance that guy at work swears by, but to no avail. Your phone is just not working right. When it comes to your phone acting up, much like mysterious phenomenon and UFO sightings, sometimes the simplest explanation is the best one. If you’ve tried everything else and you’re ready to give up, it’s time to hit the reset button.

Just like you feel refreshed after a cat nap, so does your phone. Give it a little jolt – like that morning expresso – by performing a factory reset. But before you start racing ahead, slow down for just a sec and heed this warning: All your data will be erased. That includes any accounts on your phone, music, downloaded apps, and yes, all your precious pictures in the Gallery. Before you hit that (metaphorical) big red button, though, you can use Smart Switch to back up your data. Thank goodness, what would you do without all those cat videos?

Make sure you have the login information for the account you used to back up handy; you’ll need it when your phone is back in action. When you’re ready, from Settings, search for and select Factory data reset. Review the information, then swipe to and touch RESET. Once your phone reboots, go through the initial setup and start fresh!

If All Else Fails…

Can’t even get to your Settings menu? Don’t fret, all is not lost! You can perform a factory reset using the phone keys. Press and hold the Volume Up and Bixby and Power keys until the Samsung logo appears on the screen. Use the Volume keys to navigate to Wipe data/ factory reset, and then press Power to select it. Bam! You outsmarted that tricky phone.

Your phone’s been reborn, and it’s acting like brand new again. Any time it needs a little kick, at least now you have a secret weapon to get it in gear.

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