From The End Of 2019, Both Airtel And Jio Started Testing Wifi-Calling In India.
Fast-Forward 3 Months , It Has Official Launched In India.

VoWiFi stands for voice over WiFi and is a complementary technology to VoLTE. It utilizes IMS technology to provide a packet voice service that is delivered over Internet Provider via a WiFi network.


  •  No signal needed for making calls.                         VoWiFi enables users to be connected even without a mobile signal. VoWiFi makes it possible for users to reliably make and receive calls, even when indoors, without having to install new equipment or upgrade their smartphone.         


  • Security
 Instead of relying on user / password, or weak other cryptographic elements, VoWiFi uses existing SIM security mechanisms to authenticate and protect communications for subscribers. When using the SIM, the same security standards can be applied seamlessly across all technologies: CS, PS and WiFi.


  • Network Traffic
 VoWiFi is an inexpensive way for mobile operators to augment services inside buildings. When macro network signals don’t penetrate well. VoWiFi is an easy way for mobile operators and enterprises wanting to deliver in-building wireless voice services. By relying on homeowners’ or enterprise-supplied WiFi hotspots, mobile operators can offload traffic from the macro network and likely provide superior service


Both Airtel & Jio Support Many Devices 
If You Want To Check If Your Phone Is Supported Check Below 👇 

Airtel :- 

Jio :-


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