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Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi),  first for India. 🇮🇳


Key Insights: 🙂

Strength in thought:
- Wi-Fi Calling is aimed especially for areas where cellular networks are not strong.💪

Fig A : Weak signal. Solution: WiFi Calling

Thought about support:

- You can make WiFi calls to the other person regardless of their phone supporting WiFi Calling or not. The recipient can be on any network, be it 2G/3G/4G/VoLTE/WiFi.😌

-Use your prevailing phone number. 
No need for separate Airtel/Jio pack.📱👥

- Wi-Fi Calling can be configured on compatible smartphones by upgrading operating systems to the version that supports Wi-Fi Calling, and enabling this in 
Settings>>connections>>WiFi calling.

Fig B : How to enable WiFi Calling in Samsung phone.

 (No 3rd party app or logins needed.)💁

Regular thought:

A Wi-Fi call will be treated exactly the same as a regular call.So, calls and texts will reflect in your Airtel/Jio master balance.💯📱👩‍💻🤸

NoteApart from helping users get better call experience, the Vo-WiFi is also expected to help Airtel and Jio take on apps like WhatsApp and Hangouts.


- Allows for voice services over any Wi-Fi network (home, office, hotspots).🌇

- Wi-Fi Calling provides better indoor coverage.

- Seamless call transfer support between Wi-Fi and LTE (using VoLTE) and specific support in the device.



- Wi-Fi Calling solution operators have to give up some control over Quality of Service for voice, as the traffic will go over networks that they do not fully administer.

- It doesn’t work if the Airplane mode is turned on.

-Right now there is no facility to record wifi calling(Samsung phones)

For more info :👩‍💻👩‍💻

You may find more terms and conditions here (links) for Airtel and Jio.

-check Devices supported from below link.

Airtel users link🔻🔻🔻

Fig : Airtel description of WiFi Calling benefits

Jio users link 🔷🔷🔷

Fig : Jio description in WiFi Calling

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