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Theme Park update will make One UI customization much faster

(Topic created on: 04-17-2024 11:39 AM)
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Samsung's Good Lock suite is one of the most feature-rich UI customization apps available on Android. It allows users to customize almost every aspect of One UI, including creating custom themes and icon packs. Samsung will soon update the Theme Park module to improve customization speed.

New architecture for Theme Park to make theming much faster and more efficient

Good Lock's Theme Park module will soon receive a new update. With One UI 6.0, Samsung introduced a completely new architecture for Theme Park, which is now being used to improve the speed and efficiency of its operation.

It will bring the following improvements:
  • The designing and application processes for themes will be much faster. For custom themes, there won't be any need to create an APK file using the app and install it.
  • Editing and overwriting existing themes will be possible.
  • The icon pack design currently being used will automatically be applied to newly installed apps. You don't have to create icon packs every time you install new apps and games.
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Just like custom launcher " Backup " data
If they provide " Back up" facility in Good lock, it would be great.
Every changes i made in good lock in any modules should be backed up, so that evenif i reset my device, i don't have to custamized everything from the scratch.

Especially Manually app icon change in Theme park.