not look anything like earbuds. Instead, Galaxy Buds Live earbuds borrow the design from kidney beans, causing several tech enthusiasts to parody the name, calling them Galaxy Beans. But it seems Samsung did not take it sportingly. At least that is what the piece of new information about Samsung’s next TWS earbuds has revealed. The next-generation Samsung earbuds will not look like beans after all and will be known as Galaxy Buds Pro.

According to a fresh listing on the Indonesian telecommunications certification website, Samsung’s next pair of truly wireless earbuds will be called Galaxy Buds Pro. And while that is not unusual, the design of these earbuds seeks inspiration from the generation of earbuds before the last one. Shunning the beans-like design, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will be identical to Galaxy Buds Plus, according to the renders shared by SamMobile. So, if the design is going to be all the same, the major changes that Samsung has planned for the Galaxy Buds Pro include a better ambient mode and active-noise cancellation (ANC).

The in-ear design of the Galaxy Buds Pro will allow for a better seal, thereby, increasing the effectiveness of active noise cancellation, which in Galaxy Buds Live’s case was underwhelming. The biggest reason why that happened because of the open-air fit on the Galaxy Buds Live that Samsung imparted to offer comfortability. The bean-shaped earbuds found appreciation for their quirky design, which although was experimental still got it right convenience wise. Everything else, such as the sound and active noise cancellation, however, suffered because of that.