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Samsung DeX Needs some improvements.

(Topic created on: 11-02-2023 07:10 PM)
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I really like using Samsung DeX. But there are a few side I think needs improvements or implementations for better. 

Scope of improvements: 
  • Improvement in framerates of the entire UI. As of now, the framerates of the entire mechanism is slow. I feel it is going below 60FPS even on regular use. Might be an issue of animation sync latency over RDP. If possible, improve it, as now all these phones come with USB 3 Gen 1/2 which can handle around 5-10Gbit/s data transfer, so I feel it isn't able to utilize the full bandwidth.
  • Input lag is terrible. It takes almost half a second to register an input. Might be the reasons stated in the bove points.
Good to have these implemented:
  • Separate locks. As of now, the phone has to be unlocked to use DeX. It will be beneficial to keep a separate Lockscreen for DeX, such that the Phone doesn't have to be unlocked for privacy reasons, may be?
  • Allow Dex to scale as per the DPI of the monitor used. If I am missing any specific setting that needs to be changed, do let me know. Else, it is a must. Honestly speaking, it looks awful when using a UI scaled to 1080p over a 1440p monitor.
  • The Start Menu can be redesigned instead of using a full screen approach.
  • As stated in the first point in Scope of Improvements, One thing I have noticed that the phone's actual display is dropped to 60Hz, as it is shared over RDP. This can be removed, and can be made sure that phone's display is not used and is switched to the monitor, even if used with Samsung DeX App in Windows. 
  • The navigation buttons can be removed, as DeX can support Windows' key shortcuts (most of them, like Win+Tab to open all background apps, and Alt+Tab for recent most apps. 
  • The Arrow cursor should not work as a Tab, and navigate around the UI while typing.
  • There are two Searches - One in Homescreen (Start Screen to be precise) and one is in Finder. This is quite unnecessary to keep two searches. These should be mearged into One section. As searching for #navigation asks to uses Finder for more results.
  • When using DeX, the UI must look like what we see in Fold and Tablet series. It looks more clean.
As of now these are my findings and recommendation to Samsung for Samsung DeX. 
PS: I am making this post via Samsung DeX on Windows. 
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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!

We really appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestions and appreciate the time and effort you have spent sharing your valuable comments. it is helpful for us to improve device features.

Warm Regards,
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Good suggestions. Please detail on your set up to connect to dex?