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Hello Members!

Our community is a great place to discover new and innovative ideas for our devices and services. 

Innovation lab is a simple way for you to share your ideas directly with our teams.


In week 4 of #Innovationlab, we are requesting you to share your ideas for the following three themes:

  1. One UI3.0: Feedback and proposals

  2. Bixby: Usability, requests and proposals

  3. Samsung Gallery: Usability, proposals and other feedbacks

As a Galaxy user, feel free to suggest any improvement, new feature or make a request which you feel will help us improve the devices.

All you need to do is :

  • Create a post detailing your idea/suggestion
  • Include illustrations/diagrams/images or any detail you feel will help us understand it better
  • Include #InnovationLab in your post title/subject

We will go through all your suggestions to bring significant improvements. Week 4 topics will be open till 7th February. Week 5 topics will be announced later.


You can see Week 3 topics here

Looking forward to amazing suggestions from you all! 


Samsung Members team


Disclaimer: "Participation in this campaign is voluntary. The same is being rolled out by Samsung India Electronics Private Limited ("Samsung") for its Samsung Members App users ("you") to know your feedback / suggestions/ views regarding the Samsung products and services. The information shared by you will be used for the internal analysis and future product development only and will be used in accordance with the Samsung Privacy Policy."

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Is one UI3.0 is supported on Galaxy a21s??
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Beginner Level 5
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please add a built in screen recorder for samsung m31, we want to record our online lectures how we do it? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Active Level 4
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yes much needed,
Active Level 1
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Some new ideas about homesreen🤔🤔🤔
Active Level 6
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volume buttons to change music while screen is off
Active Level 3
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imagine you purchased a trouser, but you can not wear it because, before use, it requires the following permissions :
1. Camera (installed in crotch are)
2. Microphone (on the posterior side)
3. Location
4. Name
5. Wear without underpants.
6. You can't Undo/uninstall/suppress these permissions!!

now, Samsung phone, you purchased wants all of those without which it won't budge. i am hinting at SAMSUNG PAY, PASS, BIXBY, account, visit, checkout etc...

now imagine this, you enter Grocery store to buy meat, poultry. you are forced to buy Potatoes, Pumpkin, Gourd, Cheese, Milk etc. i am talking of Visitng Samsung Store to download an APP and you are surreptitiously thrusted apps like - Chingari, Moj, Zili, Taka Tak, Phone Pe, Rummy Circle etc.

Common Samsung grow up!
Show some maturity!!
Do you people, consider your Patrons big fools? Do not thrust unwanted things
P L E A S E !!!

and yes no need to ape Apple, Samsung had (i call it had) it in the past. please show you have ideas and people with ideas.
treat customers as people with brains.
give them the options to choose what to keep and what not to.
do not make apps which cant be uninstalled or disabled.
once disabled, please DO NOT re-enable it upon restart of phone.
treat us like humans not zombies.
thank you.

Just now found Email app cannot be deleted from Galaxy watch!! why on planet earth would i want to spoil my eyesight by reading an email on 1x1 inch screen dumping a 6.5x2.5 inch screen?
P. L. E. A. S. E. allow me to remove it! those who want it can retain but not me!!! please...

Galaxy watch (691A) does not detect Sony WF-1000XM3 earphones let alone connect it.
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there should be a support of 60 fps video recording and pro video mode for m and f series smart phone as the other companies are giving this feature in mid range phone
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Samsung needs to improve the fingerprint lock and also the face lock

Samsung galaxy s21 ultra is the best smartphone ever made and brilliant. Thumbs up Samsung 👍 👍👍