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[Innovation Lab #3] - Share your ideas with us in #InnovationLab!

(Topic created on: 08-26-2020 03:06 PM)
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Hello Members!

Our community is a great place to discover new and innovative ideas for our devices and services. 

Innovation lab is a simple way for you to share your ideas directly with our teams.


In week 3 of #Innovationlab, we are requesting you to share your ideas for the following three themes:

  1. Note 20: Pre/Post Launch feedback

  2. Watch 3: Pre/Post Launch feedback

  3. Buds Live: Pre/Post Launch feedback

As a Galaxy user, feel free to suggest any improvement, new feature or make a request which you feel will help us improve the above mentioned devices.

All you need to do is :

  • Create a post detailing your idea/suggestion
  • Include illustrations/diagrams/images or any detail you feel will help us understand it better
  • Include #InnovationLab in your post title/subject

We will go through all your suggestions to bring significant improvements. Week 3 topics will be open till 2nd September. Week 4 topics will be announced later.


You can see Week 2 topics here

Looking forward to amazing suggestions from you all! 


Samsung Members team

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Need Date & Time stamp to be printed on photos taken with Samsung Galaxy A50s camera
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Hello Members


This is not a solution, an observation towards the comments that are being made by some users. 


This #InnovationLab program is a platform for suggestions, ideas and feedback from users. There are some topics that are given, for which we invite Members to share their thoughts. 


for your ideas, please refer to the steps above - Create a post and use #InnovationLab


Please keep your comments/posts relevant. This is not the right place for raising complaints for service requests. Team will not track them here.

Please get in touch with Customer Service via Get Help section for service complaints. 

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Earnest request to you sir, please go through my comments and posts thoroughly, i have given suggestions, you may modify them and implement them in the budget and midrange devices. Thank you!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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Please follow steps mentioned. If you post and use correct Hashtag, team will definitely review your suggestions.
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Actually there is nothing much to suggest for Pre/post launch feedback... Now nobody will be interested in launch feedbacks, instead their focus will be on the performance of the already launched device... And as the posts from members suggest, report card for Note 20 and 20 ultra doesn't seems to be good:
1. Device heating while recording videos.
2. green tint issues for some devices.
3. Use of Graphite cooling instead of copper tubes in some devices.
4. Difficulty in repair for these devices..
5. No good review for Exynos 990.
Forum is having these reviews...
Samsung need to address these issues at priority else this diwali may not become a nightmare for Samsung India.
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let your service team answer to my 1month old issue ,I get continuous reply apologizing emails from service head ,but never solved .
why Is this ,give your smart answer ,this platform is provided by samsung for customers all types of feedback
I am sharing screen shots of samsung india service head email reply and samsung reference numbers list regarding my Note 5 service (my phone damaged by samsung service centre ppl during FRP lock repair service ).
why is this ,pls answer #Mr.Admin
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in Note 20 Ultra There Shud be A Fan Edition
with 16 Ram And 512/1Tb Storage With Snapdragon 865+Processor
And 45W Charging Capability
If It Will be Costly then Also Great
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Give user the settings for processor and ram dedication to particular operation.
like in gaming dedicate power to game and limit the usage of processor and ram for other apps.
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samsung will not solve issues ontime ,I am best example .
I gave my Note 5 for FRP lock error ,they damaged my hand set and advices for mother board replacement which costs 14900/- .
regarding this I wrote total AROUND 30 emails/customer care calls/email to service head/email to CEO ,From past 1month.
Till now they have not Resolved my issue .
I purchased Note 5 for Rs55000/- during 2015 October. company is giving least priority for Note series customers .
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regarding note 20 please provide the same processor that Is snapdragon 865 as your exynos processor is not as capable as 865 as u launched it in india with the exynos processor
Now coming to buds live you should focus on 0 latency gaming experience for the customer as nowadays gaming is rapidly increasing in india so if you will 0 latency wireless gaming experience with galaxy buds that will be awesome for those devices that don't have 3.5 mm audio jack
For the watch 3,I can't give you any suggestions as I am not familiar with it
so thats all my suggestions if you will implement it,it will be good for you