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[Innovation Lab #3] - Share your ideas with us in #InnovationLab!

(Topic created on: 08-26-2020 02:22 PM)
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Hello Members!

Our community is a great place to discover new and innovative ideas for our devices and services. 

Innovation lab is a simple way for you to share your ideas directly with our teams.


In week 3 of #Innovationlab, we are requesting you to share your ideas for the following three themes:

  1. Note 20: Pre/Post Launch feedback

  2. Watch 3: Pre/Post Launch feedback

  3. Buds Live: Pre/Post Launch feedback

As a Galaxy user, feel free to suggest any improvement, new feature or make a request which you feel will help us improve the above mentioned devices.

All you need to do is :

  • Create a post detailing your idea/suggestion
  • Include illustrations/diagrams/images or any detail you feel will help us understand it better
  • Include #InnovationLab in your post title/subject

We will go through all your suggestions to bring significant improvements. Week 3 topics will be open till 2nd September. Week 4 topics will be announced later.


You can see Week 2 topics here

Looking forward to amazing suggestions from you all! 


Samsung Members team

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But yes Single take feature is really great but then also becoming greedy for ois in Hardware and stable eis in software. Are you reading admins, MrGEEK?
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sir there is benefit of shearing ideas you don't work on it...🤨
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R&D Team evaluates the selected relevant ideas and implements those that are feasible.
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🙏🙏🙏Please address this latest issues too,

1. Some galaxy M and galaxy a series users with exynos 9611 facing restarting and hanging issues after last update. And service centre asking them to change motherboard for 6k-8k, is this what we can expect from samsung?
2. F62 users facing slow internet issues, which can easily solved by enabling 4g+.
3. M51 is a NFC supported device then also Samsung pay mini given instead of full samsung pay. Users dissapointed so much.
4. Basic features such as screen recording and carrier aggregation are not enabled in M and F series users. Samsung should not limit basic features like this.
5. You tell to share error reports and feedbacks.Ok,
but we receive bot like copy paste replies and most of the time insensible. We don't expect this.
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design of camera panel of note 20 ultra not soo cool...
even s pen position is opposite of note 10,it's not comfortable
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this is not related to the topics that had been posted but, samsung should also give best quality screen guards for curved displays. no natter how much we spend on aftermarket screen guards they don't cover the curves and the edges. if that's the trick of samsung to make money by selling display post purchases then atheist reduce the prices of the displays
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Well said brother Samsung should listen to us instead of doing rubbish and gimmicks!
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Dont go for screenguards bro. Even if Samsung proved they wont work for log as plastic is prone for scratches. You should opt for UV tempered glass which works best for curved screen and available on Amazon. I can send video link of you want.
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Optimisation mainly leads to pictures having close to natural but vivid colours, greater details but not over sharpening, better portrait edge detection, skin tone and colour contrast should be well balanced, crisp low light photography, shutter speed control, manual focusing option, beautiful dynamic range colour contrast balance, portrait edge and overall greater details.
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sir plzz give internet speed meter in M Series