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[Innovation Lab #3] - Share your ideas with us in #InnovationLab!

(Topic created on: 08-26-2020 02:19 PM)
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Hello Members!

Our community is a great place to discover new and innovative ideas for our devices and services. 

Innovation lab is a simple way for you to share your ideas directly with our teams.


In week 3 of #Innovationlab, we are requesting you to share your ideas for the following three themes:

  1. Note 20: Pre/Post Launch feedback

  2. Watch 3: Pre/Post Launch feedback

  3. Buds Live: Pre/Post Launch feedback

As a Galaxy user, feel free to suggest any improvement, new feature or make a request which you feel will help us improve the above mentioned devices.

All you need to do is :

  • Create a post detailing your idea/suggestion
  • Include illustrations/diagrams/images or any detail you feel will help us understand it better
  • Include #InnovationLab in your post title/subject

We will go through all your suggestions to bring significant improvements. Week 3 topics will be open till 2nd September. Week 4 topics will be announced later.


You can see Week 2 topics here

Looking forward to amazing suggestions from you all! 


Samsung Members team

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i have suggest many features but samsung rply *sorry this feature not available in uour device*🤣🤣🤣🤣

why take suggestions????

1.internet speed in notification bar ? display fingerprint why slow ?
3. fast charging error why ? show cable cahrging sometime ?

where is this some important features ?
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R&D Team evaluates suggestions made for the requested topics, and implements if feasible.
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where ? three finger or 2 finger slide down screenshot feature ?
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Shared Some in community page with this #tag . When more come, will share more
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The Samsung mobile should have multi-purpose typewriter in which key for emojis, any recognised language, for search engines, dictionary of the language typing, it's grammar and links to the concerned topic typing should be given.
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Made In India..Wow..Vocal For local

it's superb Galaxy Note 20..

superb camera..

missing of SpO2 sensor to measure blood Oxygen such covid19..
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Please add slow motion video option in galaxy m11 please sir
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Please provide galaxy m11 slow mo option in camera 🥺🥺🥺 please
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This time around since the Note20U is so expensive, it should have been SnapDragon without any excuse. No matter how powerful the Exynos 1000 (AMD) is, it won't improve the induction cooker of a chip the 990 is. Despite large feedback against Exynos 990 since S20 failed, Samsung still gave E990 is N20 because THEY DON'T CARE about users, only need profits. The 3 year update cycle is just an offer they made to increase sales as S20 sales were horrible.
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Well said... Each and every point is 100% true... Fully support your views

Mr Geek comment be like:

I think they are actually listening. Its because of the two way communication between we all (samsung members) and Samsung...
I think we have to keep our hopes high🤞....
can you make a detailed post about same as asked above in the post?...