If anything, technology has gone crazy in this decade. And Samsung came out as the torchbearer amongst those lost in the dark. 

Infinity U display is a seamless bezel-less display which first came with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. The screen goes to the sides as it takes a flawless curve, making the front of the phone a screen and nothing else. 

Currently the Infinity U Display is availabe on the following smartphones. 
1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
2. Samsung Galaxy S9
3. Samsung Galaxy S9+
4. Samsung Galaxy Note8
5. Samsung Galaxy S8
6. Samsung Galaxy S8+

The perks of this amazing display are better gaming experience, better movie watching experience, looks **bleep**, and much more.
Samsung further revolutionized its technology by sweeping the Navigation bar under the screen, which means you only see the home button when you need it. This feature is a small step towards minimalism which is essential in today's clutter world.