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In 2023 say good bye to this windows

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Discontinuation of OS service announcements will begin as early as next month.Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 8.1 due to the fact that the specified version of the OS is outdated. Owners of the 8.1 series can easily upgrade to Windows 10 or 11. This is started on the company's website. From January 10, 2023, the following will not be available for Windows 8.1:
  • Technical support for any issue.

  • Software update.

  • Security update or hotfix.

"While you can continue to use a computer running Windows 8.1, without further software and security updates, your computer will be at greater risk of being exposed to viruses and malware. It is recommended that you upgrade to a supported version of Windows," the message said.Microsoft will stop using artificial intelligence to recognize emotions, gender, age and hairstyles of a person.

Windows 7- Permanently closed for those also who bought windows extra support with money (**bleep** ur are richie rich)

Windows 8.1 - there will be no extra support with money for this OS

Windows 10- versions lower than 20H2 

Windows 11- After the next feature update microsoft will drop for older versions 

 I will be posting about windows 12 leaks soon stay tuned