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Image reveals thinner Galaxy Z Fold 4 bezels and wider aspect ratio

(Topic created on: 07-23-2022 03:55 PM)
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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 will boost several design improvements, such as a slightly wider aspect ratio compared to the previous models and slightly thinner bezels around the cover display. Now, a new leaked image attempts to put a spotlight on these two design upgrades.

The image below compared the Vivo X Fold (top) with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (middle) and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (bottom). At a glance, Samsung’s next foldable flagship phone seemingly has a thinner metal frame near the hinge. It’s more similar to the Vivo X Fold than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in this regard.



This design choice has allowed Samsung to give the cover display a slightly wider aspect ratio. The bezel is also more uniform all around.

Samsung is refining its winning formula

By the looks of it, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 won’t stray too far from the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Z Fold 3 formula as far as the exterior design is concerned. Nevertheless, the wider aspect ratio is a significant change, even though it might not look like it. UI elements will be easier to reach, and users will feel the difference.

The Galaxy Fold’s tall and narrow form factor has been one of the biggest pet peeves among customers. And the fact that Samsung is making a change means that the company is listening to its fans and has a relatively clear vision of what its foldable phones should and shouldn’t be.