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Samsung is strengthening its partnership with Google on the enterprise front. The Korean tech giant announced today that it is joining Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended program in a bid to improve enterprise customer security even further in addition to Knox, all the while helping their productivity and operational efficiency.

The Google-led Android Enterprise Recommended program debuted in early 2018 with the purpose of providing enterprises with mobile technologies for their business operations. The program has a strict list of requirements and Google is thoroughly testing every device submission before approval.

Now, according to KC Choi, EVP and Head of Global Mobile B2B at Samsung Electronics, the Korean tech giant has not only met, but exceeded Google’s hardware and software requirements for the enterprise segment.

What Galaxy devices will become a part of the program?
Google only allows select devices to join the Android Enterprise Recommended program and as far as Samsung’s portfolio is concerned, it includes both regular and rugged devices. The company claims that select Galaxy devices running Android 11 and above will be added to the program, along with existing phones such as the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20.

The Galaxy Tab S7 series will also be included alongside Samsung’s rugged smartphone solution, the XCover Pro. Google claims that Samsung has been a key player in the mobile enterprise space for many years and it is looking forward to recommending new Galaxy phones and tablets to enterprises.
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