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 I am told feedback about our products nowadays Samsung devices lags in following parameter compared to another Chinese devices notification led in mid range and high range devices 2.type c charger with 15 watts it take nearly 2:15 minutes to charge the device fully but they will give type c 50 watt or 65 watts it charge the mobile with 40 minutes fully 5g mobiles available at midrange devices but they give 5g compatible devices at 20000 rupees quality no metal body only plastic body so use metal body tpu or backcase not given with new mobile earphones provided with new mobile 7.price also high compared to that company mobiles For ex In samsung gives 5g support at s series devices only it prices more than 1 lakh But they give 5g at high end and low end devices also 8.not give timely software updates for old mobiles concentrate only new mobile 9.change the policy of giving only two major os update for midrange devices kindly increase it into 3 to 4 gorilla glass protection for midrange mobiles But they give even 10000 rupees mobile also In notification led please give multi colour notification led for upcoming mobiles 11.not flexible with customer needs But they are more flexible and correctly implement what the customer need 12.not responding customer feedback For ex I am bought samsung m20 model it lacks led notification light at that time 2019 I am call to our customer care number and told to add the feautre in upcoming mobile they told me sir iam note down your feedback Samsung will implement the feature in upcoming devices but more than 2 years Samsung didn't add this feature to any devices not give importance to customers words But Chinese mobiles perfect in all areas they fully satisfy customers needs They responded the words and implement it perfectly within the budget also but Samsung doesn't did it not flexible Due to this kind of activities samsung lost it brand name in customer side 13.nfc, Knox security also not available for m series devices kindly add that feature in upcoming m series also If you buy new mobile means Samsung only gives mobile phone and charger it gives less statisfication but they give mobile phone, charger ,tpu case,headphones.... Which gives happy and hope about their product Kindly remove m series and a series s series and give all mobiles under one category For ex Use only A or instead of using M and S series Or use only M Instead of using A and S series Or use S series instead of using M and A because this categories reduce the features and increase cost also but other brands give their mobile under one category for ex They give it under Note4 Note5 Note6 Note7 They does not have any high end or low end they treated all series equally And give every features for all mobiles within budget also So remove the three series like M,S,A and give all feature in one category which gives more statisfication and hope to customer about your brands So remove the three series like M,S,A and give all feature in one category within budget price which gives more statisfication and hope to customer about your brands For ex in other brands Note 4 Note5 Note6 Note7 All the mobile having same features but in Samsung m series have one feature s series have one feature and a series have one feature but they combined all and give each feature to every device Within budget also which will attract the customers more So please remove these kind of M,S,A and give quality service under one category So give every feature to every Samsung user under one category in upcoming devices No subdivision like M,S,A all the feature are combined and come under one category and quality devices within budget also I hope Samsung will implement this things in feautre to statisfy their customer and hold their brand name among customers