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So I'm studying in a medical college and I was on regular round of clinical posting, this time I was posted for ophthalmology department. It has always been a great experience to take history, do observations and studying patients but what I hate was to watch suffering of a patient and definitely violence against doctors (I'm not getting into it, otherwise I won't stop and probably this blog would end up into a serioius issue on attack against medicos). The Departments where I afraid the most to go into is Causality and Orthopedics, b'cause there is so pain everywhere and tensed environment that I literally get scared. There are many such moments come in a doctor's life where he has to take a very difficult decisions within seconds and no one knows what the outcome will be, whether it will give benefit the patient or it will cost a very big part of the patient's life. I have seen such an incident in ophthalmic department, it was related to the retinal degeneration. But it was not the end, when I  came back to my hostel and studied the theoretical part of macular degeneration I got to know that it is also related to the Blue light coming out from the screens and what was more surprising is that it is blue light not only causes macular degeneration but a variety of diseases. That's when I realized how dangerous these screens can be. But the times have changed, with the constant upgrades in the medicine and technology we are now able secure our eyes by the Blue-light filter


Hello, I'm Ritvik Sharma; A tech curious  and an undergraduate student of medicine in Udaipur  Before I continue my blog further, I hope you all are doing good. Don't leave house until lockdown is called off. Wear mask, maintain hygiene and wash formites regularly. #Stayhomestaysafe

Is your eye getting red, burning, flushing tears, feeling some sort of strain? Well, don't worry I there is very good feature in your mobile that you can use to overcome such problems.🥺🥺🥺🥺

What is blue light?
Blue light is a component of visible light which have low wavelength high energy. Yeah, that's what books and Internet says, but what does it mean? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🥴🥴🙄🙄🤔🤔. In a simple words, blue rays are highly degenerative. It is present everywhere because it emitted by the sunlight in a very large amount. But then why everyone blue is critisizing displays and screen for blue light, after all it is emitted by the sun too? Well, the intensity of blue light decreases as it reaches earth, but whats more important is that our eyes are very close to the screens due to which number rays (of these waves) entering our eye is markedly increased. Along with that, we should not forget the duration of proximity of eyes with displays. We watch TV, work on laptop, scroll on social media etc. including night when quantities of blue light should be reduced but on the contrast, we might be exposed to blue light more in night due to these screens. It reduces the secretion/formation of melatonin a hormone (to be scpecific in the Pineal gland) which is important for normal circadian rhythm and sleep. These rays have potential to cause havoc in the eyes.

Blue color of sky is due to blue light of sunlight

Should I really use it? I don't think there is any kind of problem in my eye
If you think that nothing can do wrong to your body then let me tell you, in world full of industries and full of technology, everything is dangerous to your health, even breathing might be dangerous because it contains many particulate matter and carcinogens that you can't even think of what will they cause you later. Same is with your eyes, eyes are very sensitive organ, just like skin even sunlight can cause many damages to it. late night use of phones interferes with circadian rhythm (biological clock) of the body. Light rays coming from the screens is same as sunlight to some extent. It makes brain to perceive as daytime even it is 2, and that's why you can feel inability or difficulty to sleep. And what can be the consequences of lack of sleep is something which I need not to tell anyone, as everyone know how sleep deprivation can silently ruin your courier.

Other than that, there is very high risks for many ocular cancers. There are some cases reported stating about sudden complete blindness in patients who used their phones first 30 minutes after waking up in the morning to read news and facts. On top that, there is very high risks for macular degenerations also related to lights coming out from the screens. If I go into detail than probably the lost would never end but the summary is that, machines that you are surrounded with, is spoiling your eyes slowly and silently.

Blue light also disturbs biological clock. Source:Internet

How can I avoid these problems?
To avoid such problems, I highly recommend to use blue light filter. It not only soothes your eye when your using your phones (even in the night) but also gives you a better reading and surfing experience. Though, there will be little yellow tint in the image but I would rather compromise with the tint rather than having risk that can cost my vision. It reduces risks of all those problems that I discussed with you above.

What is blue-light filter?
Blue-light filter is a very amazing feature which is specially designed considering the health problems related to using of screens for very long durations. It reduces strain and other problems allowing user to comfortably work on their phones (and scroll Instagram stories before night 😅😅😅😂😂) without worrying the consequences of excess blue light.

How does Blue-light filter helps to prevent these problems?

Basically light which comes out of these screens and damages our eyes are Blue light. Blue-light filter work by removing part of image (displayed on your phone screens) that causes emission of blue light , i.e. it removes decreases releasing of the rays at the grass root level . This not only reduces emission of bright light from the screen that irritates you but also reduces Blue-light specifically which disturbs your retina and biological clock.

Can I use this mode in any phone?

Not all phones have blue-light filter but most of the Samsung phones have it. If your phone doesn't have a blue light filter, then don't be upset, you can it on the on play store and get some hacks from the Internet (Search on Youtube  that will give step to step instruction which will make a little simple for you) but this may lead some problems.

How to use Blue light filter?

In most of the phones you'll get an option for Blue light filter in your quick setting panel , you just have find it and click on it, now get relaxed, watch movies on your bed with AC on and roll up that soft blanket 🥂🥂 . If you don't have option (which is present most of the time) in the panel, then you can always go into the display settings where you'll get option for it.



Yeah I get you, but.....I always forget to use the filter when at right moment?

I highly suggest to use this filter on the regular basis, that is don't turn it off. I mean why should we mess with the body. But for some reason if you want to use it only for some specific period daily than don't worry because Samsung offers one more feature the filter. If you have a regular schedule then, just put your duration for Blue light filter in the settings. Now, as per your scheduled duration, the filter will automatically turned on even if you forget at the right moment.

TIP: You can add dark mode in the Bixby routines also 😎😎😎😎


I can't manage the yellow tint, I hate it, So what can I do?

I would suggest to use the filter as much intenseful as you can, but the fact is even I can't use it at max, the fun is lost with complete blue light. Actually, to be accurate, there are benefits to blue light as well 🤪🤪😅😅. It increases alertness and elevate mood levels. But there are more disadvantages of blue light than it's advantages. So, if you don't like to use the filter at max then don't as we can adjust the strength of it too. Samsung offer 0 to 10 levels to with every increasing level increases filter's intensity. We can tune according to the requirement and necessarily compatibility of the person using it. Just go into the quick panel settings and long press on the blue light filter, you'll get the option for it there.
I mostly use it at 7th level, it gives me protects from the blue light as well as don't kills the fun. 


What other measure can I take to protect my vision from displays?

     • There are many other measures that you can            add to your routine to protect your eyes from            blue-light.

     • Use dark mode whenever possible but                        necessarily in night and dark (Blue-light filter +          Dark mode = Hot brownie and vanilla ice-                  cream combination🤤🤤)

     • Avoid using mobiles or laptops 15 minutes               prior to your sleep (genuinely 30-45 min. prior           to your sleep, but I can't control using it)

     • Screen guards with blue light filter is also                   available in market. 

     • Get "Computer glasses" if you can, it have                 lens/glasses coated with blue light reflection           layer. It reflects harmful blue light from                       the environment and allows remaining                       relatively good light to enter your eyes (highly           recommended for people having desk jobs,               like calculating survey data all on computer)

     • Take frequent brakes

     • Exercise your eyes

     • Blink more often

     • Use digital wellbeing (One of the                                  my favorite features of Samsung phones)  
   • Put your phone in "Adaptive brightness" which         changes brightness of your phones according           to the surrounding, it not only saves battery               but also decreases chances of excess                       brightness entering into eyes.

Computer glasses. Source:Internet

Other Advantages of Blue light filter

• It has been stated that people having cataract have better reading experience. Cataract patients should strictly avoid prolonged contact with the displays.

• Saves battery, as it decreases unnecessary battery drainage in the display.

People are working non stop, rushing from one place to another, trying to make place in the world, constantly checking watches, doing multitasking but do you ever stop even to ask yourself that what you might be loosing to get money, fame or anything else which might cost a lot more than that. Somethings are more than anything in the world which even money cannot buy it. Use maximum of your time, but don't let your body sacrifice it. Using technology is a very difficult trade-off between benefits you get from it and elements you're putting on the stake. So, give a little time to your mind and body, meditate and use some hacks to protect your body. Use dark mode and blue light filter when ever feel it right to use. And avoid screens as much as you can.

With this I would like to end my blog. If you have any query, please inform me in the comment section. And please like, share and comment. If you have suggestions for my blog please contact me, you're always invited.

Have a great successful life ahead.

Thank you



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Bro no amount of Blue Light would cause "Near Sightedness" or Ocular Cancers.
Near Sightedness is mostly genetic with about 10% dietary influence.
Also Age Related Macular Degeneration occurs either due to Drusen or Neovascularization from the Choroid which then damages the photosensitive layer and pigment cell layer of retina as a "Secondary effect."