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Colour-changing glass, inbuilt earbuds and 5 other tech that you may see in future smartphones.

Smartphone brands are always looking to put new features to make their products look innovative, so that the brand stands apart from the crowd. Be it phones with foldable displays, LiFi, buttonless phones or phones with in-built earbuds, future smartphones may offer features and convenience that seems unthinkable right now. Here are ‘hot tech’ that mobile companies are working on.

Smartphone with colour-changing glass panel at the back.

Vivo is reportedly working on a new smartphone that comes with colour changing glass. The device will come with a electrochromic glass at the back that changes colour with a push of a button. Electrochromic glass is already used in several places like airplanes, hotels, etc where tint of the glass is changed electronically. But having said that Vivo is taking this a bit ahead by introducing colours to it.

Phones with earbuds inside.

Xiaomi has filed two patents to enable future smartphones to come with earbuds slots. The concept is instead of carrying the earbuds with it case around, you can directly put the earbuds inside the phone, like a stylus. The earbuds can also serve as speakers when placed inside their respective slots on the top portion of the phone.

Smartphones without buttons and ports.

Vivo has already introduced its concept smartphone under the NEX series that comes without any button and ports. Going forward more phones may adopt buttonless and portless design. With wireless charging gaining prominence, the charging/data port may slowly disappear from phones some years down the line.

Smartphones with faster wireless charging speeds.

While smartphone brands are already offering super-fast wired charging speeds, brands are now looking to provide similar wireless charging speeds with which you can fully charge your phone wirelessly within 30 minutes.

Smartphones with under glass selfie camera.

After notch and punch hole displays, the next obvious change for the selfie camera is that it will be hidden under the glass. ZTE Axon 20 5G is the world’s first smartphone to offer the same. So, instead of the notch, the camera will be placed under the display and will only be visible when you open the selfie camera.

Smartphones with Li-Fi, which is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.

Oppo is reportedly working on bringing a new technology called Li-Fi on its future smartphones. For those unaware, Li-Fi is simply transferring data via light using LEDs. If Li-Fi is properly implemented, it can be 100 times faster data speeds than Wi-Fi. Interestingly, Li-Fi works even if the light source is dimmed to a level that it appears switched off to the naked human eyes.

All future smartphones to support 5G.

With Qualcomm and MediaTek launching affordable chipsets with 5G modem, we can soon expect all phones to support 5G.

Source : Gedget Now. 

I am very excited for this upcoming tech.