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As the orders of banning 59 Chinese virus app

 Goverment of india banned 59 Chinese Applications, because of privacy issues. We all know it will create a huge impact on our social life but we can use this oppurtunity and start promoting #vocalforlocal

I am sure many of you heard of this app 


but now as it is banned. So question is

whats the alternative -

There can be many alternatives for this application but you know what, we all have a super application in our phones but we wont use it?  Any guesses ? 

Samsung Browser 

Many of you now ask, why i am calling "super" - we all have it ? 

So lets talk about features ! 

1. Ad Blocking 


Samsung allows you to block ads, while watching, reading and surfing. 

2. Secret secure mode 


It allows you to set a password for secret mode, so your privacy is only yours! 

3. Correct your mistake 

It happen many times with me, i close tab mistakenly and lose important work but with Samsung Browser this will not be the case.

4. Smart shopping 


We all love shopping and when it comes to discounts, we can go very far but what if i will tell you - you do this just by a click and find best deals with Assistant 

5. Change Appearence 


You can change and do personalisation, aswell ! 

6. Search engine 

If want a twist, change the way you search 😎


7. Site and download settings 


8. Quick access and Quick home 


These all features make it SuperBrowser.

Please tell me your favourites and alternative applications in comment section.

Thank you !

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