Hi Samsung Squad, what's up ?? 

In this article I'll share some of the apps which can help you edit photos and take your photography to next level.  

( All of these apps are available on Play Store or Galaxy Store )  

#1. Snapseed :  
There's no doubt that this app, by Google, is one of the best app ever developed to assist photography. You can do almost everything with this app. From minor adjustments to working on layers, this app can handle that.  You cannot make collages with it but this is a must try app.  

#2. Adobe Lightroom : 
This is the most powerful photo editing app available on Play Store. Like the desktop version this app has professional tools. It has pro camera which has many pro tools. 

#3. Adobe Photoshop Express : 
Photo editor to crop, fix, heal image. Add effect, filter, border. Make collage. This app has numerous presets and is a must try app.  

  #4. PicsArt :  
Remix free-to-edit pictures & stickers into awesome collages and memes. This app contains ads. However if you can bear those ads, this app is a good package of everything. It can also do so many things. This app has plethora of features. And you can share your editings on PicsArt community as well. 

Sorry but 'Samsung Members' wasn't letting me  upload screenshots of the interface of each app.

I'll cover more considerable apps in future articles. Till then download and experiment with these apps.  
Thanks. Feel free to share your thoughts. 
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