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Galaxy S9 Battery Drain

(Topic created on: 09-22-2022 08:18 PM)
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My galaxy s9's battery is draining so fast after 20% 😞
Any suggestions ?
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Background run wena application pramanaya wadiyi wage....kalin dawasata sapekshawa ekaparatamane wadi wela thiyenne....eka nisa developer option eken Background run wena apps monada kiyala balann
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Nope, background apps closed
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Enam battery eka change karann wei
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Do a battery Celibiration
Use the smartphone until it reaches 5%, and make sure your phone isn't connected to the charger.
Open the phone dialer app and enter the following code: *#0228#.
A pop-up menu appears with an option that says 'Quick Start'.
Press 'Quick Start" and then press 'OK.
Wait for the display to power back on again and check if the battery percentage has gone down.
Charge the phone to 100% again.
Power the phone off and then turn it on again and then unplug the charger.
Repeat these steps 2, 3 times
Plug the charger in again and the battery at 100%, turn the phone on again and open the dialer, and type: *#9900#.
Scroll down to "batterystats.bin reset" and tap.
Exit the menu and restart the phone.

It's will work 100% it's worked for me