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What's better apple or samsung

(Topic created on: 03-30-2023 01:01 PM)
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I think it's a matter of personal preference, but man, Android is killing it the last few years. I love the flexibility the OS brings.
And Samsung is doing it better from all Android brands. Their One UI skin just makes it stand out, it's pretty much the face of Android at this point. I don't think there is a cleaner android custom UI better than Samsung's One UI at the moment.

The hardware. There's not much more to say at this point, the Camera system has been on point, the software, performance and the battery are just great and the best part is they are only going to get better.

They are killing the mid-range and flagship market's.
Im not using a flagship at the moment (hope to have an opportunity to own the high end S-Series in the near future 😅)

And their collaboration with Qualcomm company was a great move. They make the best chips and they arw only going to get better. They are closing the gap on Apple's A-Bionic chips.

Apple die hards are still sleeping on Samsung and other Android brands. They are not aware of the big moves they've been making in the last 5 years but they too sucked into Apple's eco system to realise what's going on the other side. 😂

I prefer Samsung over iPhone. ❤️