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really Samsung company has partiality in India 🇮🇳users

(Topic created on: 12-06-2020 09:22 PM)
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I think this is my last buying Samsung company product sucks in all they way the design in process chip set storage , everything sucks 😐
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I respect your opinion...but please shut up already.

Go buy whatever you want... it's your money but don't cry about it to compete strangers.

exynos is **bleep** only when compared to is still a flagship processor.

storage?'s one of the fastest one out there.

nothing really **bleep**'s just your usage is not suited for this...stop crying and move on.
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u got paid for it... its fcking forum...
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since yow don't know me Jatin, I'll be polite.

I have seen people depressed about their "inferior" s20+ compared to US, china and SK Sd865+ model.

i have also helped them see that it's not the end all be all.

You want proof? reddit and join the r/GalaxyS20...

you will see me there learning and teaching stuff about this phone.

I'm an experienced player with contributions in Custom Roms for 5 years now...don't believe it? the xda forums for pixel experience, Lineage os, ressurection os, etc for poco f1.

just relax...i earn enough not to have sammy boy lend me chillars.

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We also respect your opinion. but, why didn't you shut up and moved on instead of replying on this **bleep**? were you paid for this?
yes, exynos is good but we paid for the best. 70k for exynos processor while the better Snapdragon is available in US market for same price. why don't samsung deliver exynos in US market and only in markets like India?

btw..since you are good at giving suggestions, can you suggest me any good alternative to samsung? I personally don't like apple's ios. any good brands in android? with no ads in their in house apps and who deliver same product across the market. also, if they do justice to its consumers by providing timely updates that would be great.
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india is NOT the only place where exynos is sold.

anyways, let me get it rolling with the fact that I switched from Poco f1 to s20+.

if you think I'm a samsung shrill...thrn I'm sorry...this is my first phone made by samsung.

and for your second suggestion, let me get a groove on.

personally I have played with all high end OP phones...I bought op8prp as my main phone before this but had to return it becuase the **bleep** display had issues that I don't need reminding of now. (google it)

there is no huawei for us unfortunately.

i didn't want to go with oppo or vivo because there os **bleep** big time.

you want names? buy a pixel 4a...import a pixel 5 (no warranty)

import a samsung s20 sd variant man.

my gripe with all this is...even on xda and reddit...people keep crying about this and that.

let me ask you...did samsung lie about the fact that exynos is sold here?...did anandtech not compare both exynos and sd865+?


I knew exynos won't be "as good" but considering the competition ans my mutual hate for apple...I accepted the processor and I LOVE IT.

I don't have a problem with complaining...but complaining with FACTS is what forums are for not crying that samsung has cheated on you...yeah let's not go there.
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Also, never be shy to speak up when you see something wrong. samsung fooled all of us by promising best in class camera. samsung failed to deliver on this repeatedly. so, speak up. it could save soneone else's hard earned money.

i hope you do speak up when you see something wrong happening in society. if you do not, we are really sorry for you.
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excuse me my liberal friend.

The camera is GREAT. iPhones shoot very nice videos...but guess what? does my was a great experience looking at my phone matching my friends iphone...(they don't like it when they don't win ehh)

OP phones are out of the picture from start....their camera don't stack up.

then Oppo and vivo...cameras are good bht I dont care.

Asus I like...but not there with this phone.

fun fact...on many cases camera in exynos s20+ beat the sd865+ s20+...crazy right?

and for the last part, I'm sad that you would go that far low.

I've seen my share of ugly in this society... I've seen my dad go for's not pretty.
Yo, i m with ur words man...! Cheers! 🥂
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I am also agreed against samsung mobile