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Battery Draining

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Can you please refund my amount as Note 10 battery is pathetic..Needs 3 times a day to charge. I changed S10 for battery issue and now i made wring decision to choose Samsung over One Plus.

poor camera

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Nothing is improvement in camera update photo quality is not good blurry and not sharp photo is taken before update please update camera quality

Hanging up a call

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While hanging up the call through the Side Key or by clicking the call end button on screen, the gesture or motion to hang up the call is taking time to hang up the call. The hang up is not smooth and fluid as before. It is taking seconds to hang up....


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Samsung should mention what are the changes in each update so that users can understand whether their queries are taken note off or not...

Posted by: Mannojj
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theme park app

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It should have the option to change the accent colors in dark mode. And keep everything else same as in dark mode.And wallpaper should not be locked with theme.

edge lighting and pop up notification

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the "edge lighting" and "pop up notification" is not working at the same time. When the "edge lighting " notification is on the same time the same app switch on the pop up notification also but its not working the edge lighting. Only showing the pop ...