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1 Phone Screen quality went down 
2 Phone Lagging, Apps freez 
3 Video Enhancer not working while watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. 
4 Animations should be more smooth and fast like Google, Apple or Oneplus 7T 
5 Camera App, and other apps are slow n taking time to open....not quick n smooth 
6 No Double tap to wake or lock screen 
7 Last used Apps - Animation slow while moving apps...It should be fast n smooth like one plus7T 
8 Keyboard/Dictonary not giving error while typing incorrect word. 
9 Vibration not working at all even if phone is in vibration mode..does not give haptick feedback also... while chaning the mode from sound to vibrate no vibration 
10 Battrey drain issue

Lastly, Try to have less bloatware so that oveall animations and speed can be buttery smooth and fast like Apple or Onenplus 7T.

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Vibration on touch is disabled by default in this build. enable it in settings. Else vibration for me is working.