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One Ui 2.0 Settings cool features....

(Topic created on: 11-15-2019 04:32 PM)
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Hello guys, 
I know this is suggestions forum for future ui changes but I also going to mention some of the thing I love in settings.

Settings I like a lot....a lot. 
- connections>wifi>3 dots>advance> wifi power saving mode
- love that ring volume is so loud that I can hear it in a loud party. 
- digging new edge notification lighting effects
- night mode changed Into dark mode which..I mean it's not a night mode when we are using it all the time. 
- display>show charging info, it can be turned off. Oleds having burn in issue so it's nice while I am charging my phone my battery status doesn't remain fixed on one spot of the screen.
- display>screen saver. I think it's a cool feature.
- display> visibility enhancements> color lens and animation remove are one of the best feature taken out of developers options 
- lock screen> face widgets & contact info are important
- biometric & security> encrypt or decrypt sd card. Gotta be safe.
- privacy> activity control> love that google put it in settings instead of searching these in browser.
- spen is just amazing, one of kind.
- advance features> side key is amazing, love the ability to customize the volume and power buttons.
- advance features> motions & gesture> love double tap and love swipe to call 
- digital wellbeing> wind down.... it turns phone screen into greyscale, amazing for night use if you just reading or browsing web. 
- device care> small bulb icon next to 3 dots>  about charging and temperature. It says we should charging between 10° to 40°c. Samsung should add more suggestions there.
accessibility> advance settings> direct access. More settings to customize volume button. Love it.

These are the few things I like guys and it's good to appreciate what we like and give constructive criticism on what we don't like.