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New battery-saving feature suggestion

(Topic created on: 03-12-2022 05:32 PM)
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I have a suggestion for a great new Samsung battery saving feature. 

I noticed that I can extend the battery a pretty good amount if I use the split-screen feature to fill 1/2 of the screen with a pure black background image, while I surf in the other half of the screen.  I think Samsung could introduce a battery-saving mode like this, where about 50% of the screen goes to deep black, for surfing.  My phone is large enough that I can easily get by surfing with 50% of the screen space in use, while saving a fair amount of battery.

To do this, I just enter split-screen mode and google "pure black background", then open that image as a background on the lower half of my phone. The upper half has another browser open to whatever I want to surf.

I'd love to see Samsung add this as a one-push button feature for people who need to sip power.